The Sooper Junoon Concert Makes History !

On 25th December 2018, Karachi hosted the most awaited concert of the year featuring Pakistan’s biggest Sufi rock band, Junoon. The event – which was organized by leading biscuit brand, Peek Freans Sooper to celebrate Pakistanis’ passion for their country on the birth anniversary of Quaid-e-Azam as well as to commemorate nearly 30 years of… Continue reading The Sooper Junoon Concert Makes History !


Moringa Oil

After quite some time I have started oiling my hair regularly and felt the difference instantly.  My reason for not oiling regularly has always been laziness and the fact that it takes longer to get oil out of my hair. However, this new promising hair oil by  Hair Care called Keshia Roghan-e-Moringa comes with a… Continue reading Moringa Oil

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I have visited Lahore when young and have pictures of me that I have always loved. However, this time around the plan was spontaneous and a good break from my extremely hectic life as an Intern at one of the busiest hospitals in Karachi. As we landed we had lunch at a relatives place and… Continue reading Lahorelog

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Grotto Cafe Karachi

Grotto means a small picturesque cave, however, this restaurant looks nothing like a cave and serves food worth trying. Located next to Meet the cheese at Phase 6 DHA, where most of the new eateries are opening up recently. This place not only has an interesting interior mixed between European and American style but also an… Continue reading Grotto Cafe Karachi


Ebella by Sarah : Pret wear

Last Saturday I was out shopping at Dolmen Mall Clifton and to my utter disappointment couldn’t find a  single piece of clothing that would stand out, be less floral, less repetitive, stylish and simple. I can get something tailor-made but then that takes too much effort and time.  However, I came across a few online… Continue reading Ebella by Sarah : Pret wear


Xiaomi’s Redmi 5 Priced at PKR 16,999 Exclusively Launches on

  Prebooking starts on 20th February 6.00 PM at a special price of PKR 14,999.   This year on the first anniversary of celebrates by giving amazing discount bundles to its customers. If you are someone who is tech-savvy and enjoys reading up on phones or someone who is looking for a good quality… Continue reading Xiaomi’s Redmi 5 Priced at PKR 16,999 Exclusively Launches on


Hamdard Pakistan

One TV commercial that we all remember growing up to is the one by Hamdard and its various products that have aided in life ease and are a sweet reminder of childhood. Hamdard Laboratories Pakistan – is undoubtedly the leading manufacturer of herbal medicines to date. Their products include goods like Ispaghol, Rooh Afza, and Joshanda. Recently the… Continue reading Hamdard Pakistan